Price List
12 X 16 Office Records Storage Box
$6.00 per box
14 X 24 Office Records Storage Box
$11.00 per box
Box Disposal
$0.50 per box
64 gal. wheeled bin
$36.00 per tip

**XRAYS, Dental, Medical, and all other types (biproducts & plastics, etc) are charged double the normal box rate.
***Attics, crawlspaces, stairways, or special request are charged $4.00 per min.***
Mobile on site
(8am - 5pm)
$60.00 minimum
After hours mobile
(5 pm - 7 am)
all prices double

Monthly Rate
( Monthly service of 1 lockable office container emptied once a month)

$45.00 per month

Volume or
Group Rate
(4 containers minimum)

$35.00 per month per container

Why Shred?

Carelessly sending sensitive and confidential information to a "Recycle Center or Facility" in legible form is not only ignorant, It is illegal. By doing this you subject yourself or your company to State and Federal Fines as well Class Action Lawsuits!

There are New Laws that have been recently put into effect to prevent Identity Theft, "which in some cases is caused by consumer information falling into the wrong hands", and some of these new laws even state that recycle centers or facilities are not responsible for the protection of confidential information carelessly sent to their locations in legible form. It is not cost effective for a individual or a business to wait until they receive a summons to appear in court, to change the procedure they use to recycle office paper.

Identity Theft has made document destruction critical.  With only the simplest records or applications, identity thieves can easily gain access to important information such as your social security number, credit card numbers, tax information, and other private data.  The best means of preventing identity theft is to destroy this confidential information by destroying the document.

Our 310-horsepower Hammer Mill Shredder is one of the best shredders in the industry.  We can easily assure you that once your documents, Xrays, or CDs are shredded, the sensitive information can never be recovered.  The shredding is performed on-site and can be witnessed at your discretion with no additional charge.  Furthermore, for your records, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued upon job completion.  

Mobile Shred Inc.

On Site Document Destruction, Shredding, & Paper Recycling

Preventing Identity Theft Since 2000

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